Understanding the Cost of Safety Reporting Software

Understanding the costs of safety

While considering the cost of safety reporting software is one aspect to consider, it is important to remember that there may be additional costs to factor into the deployment of a safety reporting system. Much of this depends on the current state of your organization. What processed and procedures are currently in place? What systems does your organization already have in place and do these systems have other means of reporting safety related data?

A local small business will have a very different implementation plan than a large international company with a wide portfolio of operations. Most importantly though is the state of the organization’s culture, is there motivation present to implement new systems? Does your senior leadership support the deployment of new reporting tools? Company leadership can frequently see the cost of safety as solely an expense. A functional safety program that positively identifies risks to your business is a preventative manner is a significant asset to your business.

When considering the training time and resources needed to adequately train and follow up on safety hazards, it might be worth considering the risks of not implementing a safety reporting system. It is possible you already have much of this information, but considering it in the context of safety program implementation can be quite illuminating.

  1. What is the assessed loss of business due to an accident and its impact on confidence in the company?
  2. What is the estimated cost of litigation involving an accident or incident in your industry?
  3. What resources are available to cover expenditures to return to normal operations?

Understanding the Cost of Safety

It would be easy to say that purchasing a safety software tool like Anymouse™ will solve these problems for your company. The cost of purchasing a software license is straight forward, but the resources to integrate it into your organization is not and depends largely on your company’s individual situation.

Any effective implementation of a broader safety program will require an accurate balancing of profitability and mitigations. With structures in place to encourage reporting, software like Anymouse™ can help reduce your workload considerably. These types of tools though should not be seen as “purchasing a solution”, safety software is a tool, and one that requires a functioning organization to use it effectively.

How long will it take?

Developing lasting change can be hard in any organization. There is a certain inertia that can be difficult to work against. Everyone has seen some good ideas come into their workplace, only to disappear as soon as the primary instigator of those plans changes jobs. It is very similar when establishing an effective safety program.

Anymouse™ is always looking to roll out additional assistance in filing regulatory compliance documents, but the app was not built merely to be a digital version of a government form. We’re looking to be a framework for your organization to build a positive safety culture that both protects your employees and improves your organization’s efficiency. The keys to solving critical problems in your business can be found in the people who encounter them everyday. Providing a tool to gather that data is a positive first step in addressing risks to your organization.

Remember that there is no shortcut. Yes Anymouse™ can make it easier but planning and patience are required to make your safety program more than merely a cosmetic feature of your organization. An effective safety program is an ongoing process and requires continuous improvement. We’re hoping to shift your perceptions of safety from an intangible aspiration to one that is integrated into every aspect of your organization’s operations.

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